Screenshots on Android

## How do I…
I want to save part of the game screen where are certain elements as a .png file on the user’s device.
Better than that, but I believe would be more complex and undoable for me, would be to save all those sprites/text themselves as a single .png, almost as if player took an screenshot of that part, but not losing the quality of the sprites/text.

## What is the expected result
Idk, anyway to save part of screen as .png file? I specially need that for Android, so the Take a Screenshot action isn’t suitable.

## What is the actual result
No action for such a thing (as far as I can notice)

## Related screenshots
Not applicable

I can zoom and center and then take an screenshot, it may even look nicer when taking the screenshot. Only problem is that I can’t on Android, one of my three platform targets

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@Luni, GDevelop explictly states it is not possible on Android, it is, lacking that feature, so I believe my topic should be in Feature Request, even with its historic of being a How do I.

Oh my bad!
I thought you were asking for a “hack” on how to do it.
I’ve moved it back to the Feature Request :slight_smile: