Scrolling similar to "I Wanna Be The Guy" or "Mega Man"

I’m making an iwbtg fan game and I want to replicate how the camera worked.

I don’t even know how to begin making something similar to it.

all I’ve got is an object the camera is centered on.

any suggestions?

There are many versions of those games. The IWBTG game I saw was just jumping from scene to scene, whereas MM scrolls with the player. Which of these did you mean?

the IWBTG one. because it’s the most simple (from what I see)

Two easy ways:

  1. each room is a scene, getting to the destination and past a “next room” object of some kind changes to the next scene
  2. Use the “Room based camera” extension in the main extension list, and set up camera rooms for each room.
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where’s the extension list?

EDIT: I found a much more simplistic solution. having invisible sprites the size of the game window that, whenever the player is colliding with, set the camera to their position. I know it’s going to be tedious putting each sprite down, but game making is already tedious so it’s fine.