Selecting/dragging some objects is impossible (not locked)

This may be a pointless post with a new UI on the way, but in case the problem is in code that is being retained, and because it’s driving me mad, I thought I’d bring it up.

I have had real trouble selecting some objects to drag them with the mouse, because the objects underneath (lower Z value) are always selected instead. I would assume that the largest Z value object would be selected first when clicking with the mouse, not one hidden below it.

See the attached project file for an example. Your task is to drag the three-square-high white object (called snow) off to the left or right. Every time I try it, one of the other objects gets dragged out instead. (16.2 KB)

Uhm… this is really frustrating if you need to deal with lot of overlapping objects in the editor :astonished:
But it seems to be not a problem in GD5 :slight_smile:
I have just saved your project as .json, opened in GD5 and I don’t experience the problem there so it is a good sign for the future.

For the time you are using GD4, what you could do is put all the objects below the snow object on a separated layer and hide the layer when you want to move the snow objects. It seems to solve the problem.

Yes, in the actual scene there are lots of blocks and I’ve had to drag them all out, put them back and then lock them, before putting the snow back on top. Very annoying.

Since I am trying to cover a mountain top with snow objects, putting the mountain top on another layer and hiding it makes it very hard to put the snow in the right place! Would be good if layers could be visible, but uneditable, like in other some other software.

Good news if it doesn’t happen in GD5, though! Thanks for trying it. :smiley: