Selling GD on Steam

Being open-source doesn’t forbid you from selling your product (as RMS underlined many times). So I think GD should be put on Greenlight as an app and be sold on steam, aside of being freely downloadable. The way I see it, putting GD on Steam would achieve few things:

  • It will raise awareness of the software
  • If users will buy into it, they’ll pay not for software, but for convenience of not having manually to download updates and possibly ability to use Workshop for things like resources (graphics, music, etc.)
  • Also it’d be cheaper than other game creation software on steam (max I’d pay considering GD is now open is around €15), so additional incentive for people that hear about GD for the first time.

Again, users would pay for benefits coming with Steam release (auto updates, workshop, perhaps Steam cloud support (to access your projects anywhere)), not for software itself. I know I’d buy it just for those.

Krita is a good example for that :slight_smile:
They are selling it on steam, gaining a lot of support from kickstarter - selling merchandise too.

Money goes to hiring full time developers.