Send a user an email?

I have used firebase to create a login/signup page. I’m having trouble figuring out how to send the user a verification link from firebase. I have created a verification page where when someone clicks a button, it’s supposed to send a email to verify them, and another button that takes them to the new scene if their email is verified. But there is no email sent when I preview it. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you manage to get other Firebase features to work?
Did you check that your button is working?
Did you check your spam folder?
You’re not giving many details to help you. :person_shrugging:

Sorry. Yes, the other firebase features do work because they can successfully create an account, which get’s sent to the database in firebase, and can use it to login. I have it set to where when they create a new account, they are suppose to get sent the email (which I checked in spam and isn’t there) and once they verify it, they can continue. But since this doesn’t work, I have to remove the verification part and just let them continue and so they can create many accounts of they wanted to.

Did you set this up?

Can you show a screenshot of the related events?
And try another e-mail address/provider, perhaps.