Several “games” in one game

Im trying to figure out how to link several games together.

Mainly for two reasons:

Making a complex game in which, for example; one part is a 2D-walking-sidescroller and another is flying a craft of some sort which is a topdown shmup. Etc etc.
So far i have done this with scenes in the project, which get messy real fast, as just one of these “games” would require several scenes. But i have done this to make a foundation for future use. Slightly in panic. :joy: Im thinking there would be a smarter way to do this.

The other reason would be to link different projects together that are already done. If we have made several small games and wish to gather them in one project. As a collection sort of.

In my dream-world the solution for both examples would be the same. :sweat_smile:

Best regards.

That’s the only way if all games should be in one project.
Shouldn’t be a problem naming the scenes depending on the mini-game, or sorting in the future with scene folders.
Or make them as individual games and link to them from the collection scene, if they are web versions.

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Not what i wanted to hear, but what i needed to hear. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: