Several issues/bugs after update to 5.1.156

  1. Every time you launch GD the prompt for “tell us about yourself” is there
  2. Object animation disappearing. The first animation of objects shows no image after startup sometimes. After restarting GD they return to normal.
  3. Piskel error - occasionally Piskel won’t launch and gives the following error:
    There was an error while using the external editor. Try with another resource and if this persists, please report this as a bug.
  4. Slow. In general, the last update seems to have brought with it a general performance decrease in the editor. I’ve thought it was from doing some more resource-intensive editing, but even when working with just a few things it seems like something is eating up resources

Are you using the app or the Web app? What OS or browser?

Hey Gruk. I’m using the native app on macOS 13.0.1

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