Severe performance drop on new computer

My old computer bricked, and it was a good machine with a 1070 in it, but it had some hardware issues and was stuttering on newer games like Diablo 2 Resurrected and Aliens fireteam. But after a lot of time spent optimizing I had my game running consistently in preview at between 60 - 76 fps, dipping down to a playable 45-50 with a lot of objects on screen.

My new laptop is almost as good, with a RTX3050 in it, 16GB of ram, and runs the former games without stutters at all, but my Gdevelop preview is now only running at 30fps and wants to go even lower, but I have it set on 30 minimum. This is with almost nothing happening in game, I.e. at scene start.

What is causing this? It’s really weird. Thanks.

holy… I got a first gen i7 and gt520 and it runs fine, is there a demo of your game to test it?

Not yet. Did you test it on multiple rigs? I kinda now recommend that for everyone haha.

I wonder if it’s related to something other than the graphics card? Maybe monitor refresh rate?

Another thing is that this new system loads the game about 1.5X faster than before, which makes it even weirder.

I’ll probably look into this for the next few days and then post updates.

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Okay I think I have an idea what the problem is.

My old rig had a 60hz monitor refresh rate,

the new one is at 144. So this is probably causing issues.

Higher refresh rate shouldn’t cause issues, in theory, unless your machine isn’t capable of running at any integer divisor of your refresh rate.

So if it can’t do 144 fps, it’d drop to 72 fps. If it can’t do 72 fps, it’d drop to 36 fps. Can’t do 36, it’d drop to 18, etc. Such is the curse of VSync in Chromium.

If you’re testing in a web browser, what you might do is ensure that Chrome/Edge/etc has Hardware Acceleration turned on. How to Turn Hardware Acceleration On and Off in Chrome

If your game uses any effects, and hardware acceleration is disabled, it’d default to canvas mode and likely would perform very poorly.

Thanks. I’m using the bundled Chrome, since I haven’t installed it yet on this rig before I downloaded GD. So hardware acceleration is on. I suspect it’s something to do with the refresh rate.

Also another issue is possibly just antivirus software that is slowing it down.

I tested it on 60Hz refresh rate and it still performs like crap on a faster computer. Weird.

I’m pretty sure effects wouldn’t work in the first place on canvas mode since iirc they rely completely on gpu shader

So I found out that it’s the layer effects (primarily shadows) causing this. Extremely strange cause this rig runs games extremely well. Removing all layer effects causes it to go back up to 75 fps.

Also another thing is that it seems that my GPU isn’t really touching the game render at all. I don’t hear the fan go off or anything else like that, like on my old rig. Hardware acceleration is on by default. I guess it’s a good thing (the game runs good enough with the GPU not touching it), but still would be good to know.

Edit: it looks like Chrome is being ignored by Nvidia cards on ASUS rigs.

Wonder if you could force Chrome to use the GPU in NVidia control panel.

Yep, I actually did that, to no result, then forced GDevelop to use the GPU and am getting extremely good frame rates. Heads up if anyone has experienced this issue.

I wonder now if any packaged .exe will automatically use the GPU, or if this will be something individual users will have to manually activate? It’s a difference between roughly 50-60 fps (with no layer effects) - 90-120 with layer effects on. In one case it went from 30 fps to 140 fps.