SFML shaders

Hep !

I knew there is a plan to introduce some shaders and effects in the futur of Gdevelop, according to the roadmap suggestions.

But, i have a questions about using some “unsuable” part of SFML in Gdevelop : SFML shaders.

My C++ (and SFML) skills are really bad, but i’ve seen some repo on github wich seem to be really interesting, like this one : https://github.com/SFML/SFML/tree/master/examples/shader

Some here are the question :

  • Is it possible to use in C++ event some part of sf::Shader class ?
  • If yes, how ? (example would be appreciated)
  • How could be used some “premade” shaders for SFML like theses found gitHub (wich are already part of SFML ?) ?

Is there any other possibilites to affect some OpenGL effects to some GD objects ?

Basically, one thing i’d really like to use in my game is a reflection effect to simulate mirrors/glasses on some sprite or mosaics objects. Many others effects would be great too :slight_smile:

Up !

No one up for advices on advanced C++ features ?

Shaders are applied during rendering and the events and the custom C++ events are not part of the rendering so it’s not possible to do it if GDevelop doesn’t provide the feature itself.

Is there any way to apply blur effect on an object or a whole layer ?