Shooting projectiles

So now my problem is that I try to make shooting mechanic that when you press 3 or 4 times attack button it shoot projectile every time straight front. And if you press 4 or more times it shoot projectiles three different directions by turns. One diagonally up, diagonally down and one straight front. I can make it do that but only so, that it shoot projectiles same time in those 3 directions. I have tried many thing without good results. I put here picture my last events I tried to make that mechanic. In those events problem is that it shoot all projectiles at the same time and variable “combo” do not restart the counting when it should be (keep counting over 4). It should work like this: when “combo” is 1 and press attack button it should shoot diagonally up, when it’s 2 = diagonally down and when 3= straight front. Now It shoot every count (1,2 and3) every projectile at the same time.

Probably problem in line 6, hit is always 4 then combo +1, try to do this combo + 1 and also hit = 5 so you won’t have hit=4 nor <=3

It did not work, if I understand right what you meant. Hmm… Have to figure this out or else I can’t sleep :smiley:

I am so frustrated because I thought this mechanic should be easy to make. And I still think so, but I miss something here, obviously :smiley:

I think I get the problem, the “Trigger once” works along the entire frame, so the conditions “Trigger once + Ctrl pressed” will be true for the events from 5 to 10 :slight_smile:
So, when Ctrl is pressed, this happen in the same frame:

  • Event 6: Hit = 4 ? >> set combo = 1
  • Event 7: combo = 1 ? >> set combo = 2
  • Event 8: combo = 2 ? >> set combo = 3
  • Event 9: combo = 3 ? >> set combo = 4

Nice, uh? Try to invert the order for events 7-10, so it looks like 2,3,4,5,6,10,9,8,7 (not sure about event 10).

Thank you! Yeah the problem was that I think :smiley: You kind of solved the problem or I didn’t understand you right and now it’s almost works like I want :smiley: I put now picture here where you can see timers. That’s because now you can shoot 4 times front and then you can smash the shoot button or keep it pressed and projectiles fly 3 different directions (just I wanted). It would be huuuuuge plus+++ if you don’t have to keep the button pressed after those 4 projectiles. But I kind a like it like this, so thank you Lizard wizard! :smiley:

Ps. I put those projectile events in Attachments as ProjectileEvents.rar so if anyone wanna solve the problem. There it is! :smiley:
ProjectileEvents.rar (4.36 KB)