Should I Make an Example for This

So, I implemented this “System” that Spreads a game into two Components:

  1. An App/BrowserGame for Mobile Devices that Saves the User’s Data (Character, Score, Stats, etc)
    and also serves as a Backup Wireless GamePad.


  1. A Software for Desktop that serves as a Virtual Console to host encounters in a Local Multiplayer Setting.

Together they make an enhanced Local Multiplayer experience by:
•Enabling Players get to improve their character like in a MMO.
•Opening the way for local Multiplayer with more than four players (the current maximum).
•It makes your game accesible for players who can’t afford a GamePad.
•Enabling Developers to make Custom GamePads using the power of the TouchScreen and Motion Sensors.
•(Add your Ideas in the comments)

I made the system for this game:
It would only take like an afternoon subtracting the superficial stuff to turn it’s bones into a Template.

The Big Question is:
¿Should I Upload an Example/Template of this System?

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The networked gamepads sound nice, actually.
Maybe you could take the virtual joystick example project, duplicate the scene and add that network feature to it.
But don’t forget to read that page very thoroughly: Guide for submitting examples [GDevelop wiki]

Regarding the host thing, I don’t know much about those, you need to check the existing examples, see if you have new things to bring.

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Now I´m trying to turn it into an extension but I dont quite get how to set parameters so they actually work on onScenePreEvents

I´m also not sure that SceneVariables are the best aproach for this, thats the reason for trying to understand Parameters.

The guide for extensions is here: Extension Best Practices [GDevelop wiki]

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So in resume: _CustomInput.x of Object

That was really helpful.
If only I had just clicked on that link while reading the wiki. :sweat_smile:
Now it works perfectly.

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