Should I use conditional events or Repeat for each?for multiple players?

hello, I have a question if I should use Repeat for each or a conditional event, I have 4 player objects and each one has its ID from 1 to 4 and they all obviously use the same conditions and actions.
Id 1=player;
Id 2=player (bot)
Id 3= enemy (bot)
Id 4=enemy (bot)

the player can switch to control 1 or 2, if he is not controlling one of these player he will be controlled by the AI,
the only difference is in the input, player use buttons, bot uses artificial intelligence.

so I would like to know if I use conditional events, example:
player id= 1, State=Attack, external link Event attack
player id= 2, State=Attack, link external Event attack
player id= 3, State=Attack, link external Event attack

or simply use a Repeat for each? example: Repeat for each object “player”,State=Attack,link external Event attack

And I ask this question because when I have 2 players the game is normal but tends to lose FPS, and when I have 4 players the FPS simply drops to 20, I believe that if that wasn’t the Minimum FPS setting it would go down more, q FPS setting: maximum=30, minimum=20.

Conditional Events:

Repeat for each:

Px_Variabeles is an object that controls which team each object belongs to,and stores some controls of each player including the State machine simulation, in short px_variables is a State machine object.I hope I didn’t complicate the explanation :sweat_smile::broken_heart: