Silver subscription disappeared with latest update

Hello. I’m have a silver level subscription, but since the latest GDevelop update I am now marked as a free member, with the options shown to upgrade to paid levels. I have been a silver member since before the price increase. The last payment was taken on the 22nd of December via the debit card I used to sign up.

Has my subscription been cancelled? If it hasn’t been cancelled, how would I edit my plan or cancel it if it’s no longer shown? Will I be charged this month even though I have been downgraded?

To be clear: I want my silver level membership to continue.

Thank you.

Hello, we have made a recent update on the interface, this is possibly only visual. We will work on making things clearer very soon as this should not confuse people.

Can you tell me your GDevelop account name so I can check if your Silver subscription is still active?

Should I give you my account name here or by private message?

Am I definitely marked as a free member since the update - my silver membership is not shown anymore.

Don’t click on the other buttons to change the subscription.

GDevelop account names are public, but you can send me the name by private message if you want.

worriedpixels is the name of my profile in GDevelop.

The subscription made on December 22 is still valid.
This is just a display problem.
I’m forwarding the problem to the technical staff immediately.

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Thank you very much for your help.

Hi @worriedpixels
Thanks for noticing it. In the next version, you’ll be able to see your current plan (Indie) in the next version.

Thank you @alexandresi.