Simple Aleart and Chase for platformer enemy? Please!!!

Would anyone? Please! Help me with simple Alert and Chase for platformer enemy. I am attaching a small example file. What I want is enemy to stop chasing the player when the enemy is near so it can attack the player then. and when the player is really far (Like 200 pixels). and near is like 20 pixels (5.77 KB)

Thanks for the minimal example, it helps a lot as we can do some little tests. I’ve made it in a simple way (as you can see, I just put as events exactly what you are saying: the Red object chases while in range, otherwise it does nothing), you have to add some extra events to check if the distance is below 20 pixels to attack, but the alert/chase works :slight_smile:
*The default controls for the Blue object are deactivated in your example, activate them or add the events needed to move it :wink: