Simple Impossible Game

My Player has “one” movement. (Jump)
The Player Stays In (Center) of the Screen.
I made a bomb that goes from right side of the screen and moves to the left.
(Objective) Jump over bombs before they reach player.
(How do I…): Make a Spawner (that randomly) spawns the (bomb) at same (x position) as original bomb.
with proper spacing. (example: bomb spawns then like (1 sec) later another bomb spawns with correct spacing. “Meaning” Player can jump between each bomb without them being too close.
(Picture Example - { = player () = bomb): { () () () () () () () [spawner]= offscreen.

Don’t know if this will work:
If spawn timer is greater than 1 sec then
Create Bomb at position -100; randominrange(player.Y()-some_number, initial_value of Player.Y())
Add a permanent force to Bomb
Reset Spawn Timer

Something like:

BombSpawner is another sprite object, placed off the right side of the screen

most likely will work but i don’t know how to make a spawn lol

thank you :slight_smile:

one more question if i may?: how do i make my player die, when bomb touches my player?
and is there a way to stop bombs from moving and player from animating upon the bomb touching player? or would it be easier to just go to collisions and make all objects deleted? once they touch and try to figure out a code where a black screen comes up that says: You Died

You don’t need to spawn, you need to create an object
And about this:

and this:

These are timers, you need to check if a certain amount of time has passed in a timer and reset it

Use the collision condition. If there’s a collision, create an explosion sprite (if you have one) at the spot of the bomb, and delete the bomb. Set a scene variable at this point that indicates the player is dead.

On the player collides with bomb check, add the condition that the player is dead variable is false. The bombs will still move, but they won’t explode upon contact.

If you have a variable that flags if a player is dead, then you can also use this as a condition for the jump event action. Then you can bring up the text/image to say "You “Died” without worrying if the player is being moved or colliding with a bomb.

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thank you very much for help