Simple Mario-like question block... A little help here? [FIGURED OUT]

I’m making a Mario-esque game with features and game mechanics similar to it.
I’m trying to make a questionblock-like object that, when an object named “headcollide” touches it, it creates an object inside of it.

So far, I’ve been having trouble trying to get the item that I want to come out of the
block to work in gDevelop’s eventing system.
The “create object” feature is not very practical in terms of creating objects, ironically.

If any of you could help me create an object inside of an instance of another object, which is what I was trying to do, can you please teach me how to do it?
Also I’m new to forums and stuff and I haven’t touched gDevelop in a while so yeah,
I just got back into it after wanting to make this game.

Hi, there is an example project for making a question-block:

Not sure what you mean here. “Create object” does exactly what it says.

That example is not right it does work but you also hit it from the sides if you if your head is touching it

Thanks for the help, I figured it out now