Simple text editor made with GDevelop?

Does anyone have a solution to create a text editor in GDevelop? I mean a real editor with a blinking cursor, the ability navigate in the text with the arrow keyboards etc. I don’t need any fancy text formatting. The reason I’m asking is that I want the users to be able to edit the questions and answers in my Quiz game. With the built in “input text” you can only write and delete text from keystrokes in the memory. Would it work with the javascript action?



this is exactly what I want to know

in my game I did a similar thing. I created a scene and integrated it into the game. Use uppercase characters only. The pointing is done tuch, but uses only two lines (one for the nikname and the other for the Country). The cursor blinks, but needs to be calibrated better.

for the needs of my game, the maximum text that can be entered is 12 characters for the Nikname and the same number for the Nation.
I have already published the game, but I am still working on cursor accuracy (for my game this is of little consequence), but I still want to improve it.

Before letting me do the work of extrapolating the scene that contains the keyboard (with all its elements) do a test on my game. If the keyboard is as good as it works, then I will extract it and send you the scene in zip format in email, so you will have to copy it into your game and I think you will have to adapt it.

But I want to use a real keyboard with upper and lower keys and no limits to the amount of text. For now I solved it by making a separate app (in Adobe AIR) that edits the JSON file where all my text is stored.


yes, certainly with a real keyboard the result is better