Simulate pressing working just with platform behavior


Doing my game i tried to use “Simulate pressing”, but didn’t work very well. I openned the example “Platformer” to check if I did something wrong, but the error are on example too. When I use “simulate pressing” it works only simulating the moviments of “platform behavior”. If I try to put any action using the key the simulate don’t work.

Using “platformer” example is possible to check it with that events:

Here they don’t flip with simulate pressing of the buttons. I changed the actions but still didn’t works with anything. I tried on PC and using network preview on my phone, but nothing.

In my game I put the advanced condition “OR”.

The simulate key press is an action, and with a platform character, only applies to an object with the platform character behaviour. It tells GDevelop to act on the object as though a specific key has been pressed. It does not simulate a keypress in GDevelop for other events to pick up. It only works with the object specified, in that one action.

The events you have shown are reading actual keyboard key presses. Any previous simulate keypress action does not have an affect on this type of condition.

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I’m sorry for the mistake. The example made me believe even more that it was a bug, since It did not have the solution of the advanced condition “OR” to flip the player.


Just for clarity. There are also simulate jump/left/etc actions for the top down behavior. These are mutually exclusive and cannot be mixed between objects without breaking in most cases.

When adding events they will be sorted into the appropriate category as well as say it under the action label before adding it.

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