Sliding scene transitions have long and variable delays

I have implemented smooth scene transitions by creating a hidden “CameraFocus” object that the camera stays centered on. Then I tween that object to the side to slide the scene in (and also to slide out). This works 100% of the time when I preview the scene directly, but if I transition between scenes I see random delays from 5 to infinity seconds before the new screen slides into view. Using the debugger, the new scene starts immediately but the camera is stuck out of the scene… until it decides it is ready to slide-in correctly. Does anyone else do this type of scene transition?

Video that shows the long and variable delays between scenes.

Project file to demonstrate delay in scene transitions

I’ve had a look at your project. It seems that the tween isn’t kicking off when it should. It’s just stuck/delayed for what appears to be a random period of time.

You may want to raise this as a potential bug.

Thanks for looking at this @MrMen! I will submit it as a bug.

Do you recommend posting in the Forum Bug Reports or Github Issue?

I’ve always posted in the forum.

Update: Bug post created, please make all future comments at this new location:

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