slow down when colision with physic


please help me, I made demo of my game and every time when my hero touch to physic object game slow down (too much). I try it in web browser on Pc(soft), ubuntu touch(medium) and android(hard hangup). Can anybody check what I made wrong? Bcs I am not sure. I attached my game. If missing any file, let me know now? Bcs I saved project include all data and zip all what was in folder…

Thanks very much…


We need your entire project to test (the pictures especially).

Hello, I want but how? If I save my project “save as or save all to new folder” then ask me if I want copy resources and I click to yes, then I have new folder but only with one file without pictures, sound etc… every things are still linked to original folder. And it is problem, in original folder I have many picture and sound which I don’t use yet. So what I am doing wrong? Or I must copy file by file and link them?

Many thanks.

zip / compress the entire folder then upload it.

NO you don’t understand me. IN my project is around 20 pictures but in MY original folder of project i have 400mb of some pictures and sounds. I want save my project to new folder where will be only pictures which use my project. And only this i want zip and upload.

If the automated action to export the resources in the project folder doesn’t work, you will have to copy them “by hand”, just create a folder (e.g. “Images”) and copy the 20 images used in the game there, then delete all the images linked in the GD project, finally add all the images in the created folder, this should be sufficient…



So I prepared all manually, so I hope nothing missing. Please try and let me know.

Many thanks,
test.part03.rar (1 MB)
test.part02.rar (1 MB)
test.part01.rar (1 MB)

test.part05.rar (696 KB)
test.part04.rar (1 MB)