Slow Parent

Is there a way to make a slow parent in GameDevelop? So if one object moves, another follows its movements but at a delay?

About movement, you could use All Objects ==> Displacement ==> Add a force so as to move to an object or
…All Objects ==> Displacement ==> Add a force so as to move to a position
Both action take a parameter Length (works as force amount or speed), and Damping (friction).
I you add an event: Always ==> Move B to A with a force of 100 pixels (Damping = 0), the object B will “follow” A with a speed of 100 pixels per second :slight_smile:

If you want the tracking speed depends on the distance, you have to play with the Length parameter and the value of the square distance between A and B.

Thank you for the reply! Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing. And I think it works okay!

What’s the difference between using normal distance and square distance?

Excuse me :smiley:
The real distance is the Distance function (it returns the distance between the center points of the objects, I have been playing a bit with this feature to know from what point to point the distance is measured).
The square distance is… the square distance = distance² (sorry, I told you about this function because I use this usually, It has some maths properties :unamused: )