Small help on random animation

Hello mates :slight_smile:

How do I change animation randomnly, exluding the one that just pop ?

Trying to explain myself…
I want to create a randomn quizz game. On click on the screen, I would like that animation of one object change randomnly but without displaying animations that has already displayed before…

Sorry for my english :confused:

Thank you anyway !

With what events are you trying to show the animations, to have a reference

hello @UlisesFreitas, with a simple click

edit: When the player click on the screen, a new question appear (sprite animation) each time random but I’m looking for “erasing” those who were already displayed

Maybe, check if the Sprite present in the scene already has that animation number then ignore
For instance
Foreach SpritePuzzle
Do SpritePuzzle.AnimationName() != your_compare_parameter
Do something…
This way every SpritePuzzle in your scene will check his animation name with the parameter you compre, if exists in the scene is true else false and you do something with taht.
Hope this helps.

Thank you fot it :slight_smile:
I’ll try it !