So I had an idea, and I wanted your opinions

So I had an Idea for my Wizard Metroidvania game where since I’m not going to have money, your character upon death loses one or two of their spells (Only after multiple spells have been obtained) and you have to beat the players spirit for it back, it would use the lost spell against the player (I got the Idea for the player spirit from HKs Shade, but not having money makes creating an inventive death mechanic challenging. I was just hoping for thoughts.

It does sound like a great thing to implement; not only will it make it more of a challenge for the player to get it back, but it’ll have a minor effect on the player’s mind process going forward, namely if they’re prepared to fight the shade with the lost spell if they do indeed kick the bucket. Things like that go a fair way in making it engaging as both an enemy and a mechanic.

Perhaps for other ideas, maybe reduce a stat of some kind until the shade is killed, like halve the player’s magic/mana so it’s harder for them to cast spells, or increase casting time by a small degree to show how it’s affected them? Just food for thought. Like you say without a currency it’s a lil’ hard to figure out a punishing-but-fair death mechanic haha. You could even lock certain abilities completely, but it depends on what you’ve put in your game.