So uh where do I get unofficial extensions?

In the program there’s a button that’s meant to take you to the unofficial extensions wiki page.

As you can see it now does not exist.

I’m writing an HTML5 game because I want to put it on mobile but the extensions are very limited.

For example I can’t write my own functions or anything to call multiple times later on which is very frustrating.

Was hoping there would be some unofficial extensions for some of the things.

Is it still possible or is there another way I can add my own code and such?

There are no unofficial extensions currently, that’s why this page is empty.

Aw okay thankyou, might be worth putting a note in the program for that :frowning:

Or making the page and saying there isn’t any yet, just a bit confusing is all!

It’s strange that your link is not correct, the true link is … extensions (with wiki. at the beginning. Is it the link you get from the software ? (if not, this should be fixed)

Yep that’s where the unofficial extension button on this window in the software takes me.