So uhhhh, how do i check the group object's object?

what i was trying to do here is find an object in the group object called “that thing” and then create an object from the group name that was called “that thing”. i kinda know what i did wrong but i dont know the solution for it.

Is Cube the object group name? If so, you need to use the Create an object from it's name instead of the straight Create object:

no, like, what i mean is that, the condition doesnt work, i cant check the object inside the object group(im trying to check the object name inside object group).

i tried changing the code up a bit, and didnt work yet

Substring doesn’t take a negative number as length (the 3rd parameter). It needs to be a positive integer.

what i meant is that, i want to get an object inside the object group.

Would be easier knowning more informations.

Why are you using sub string?
What is the name of the object?
What is the content of the variable

If I understand it correctly, say you have a group named Enemies and the objects in that group are BlackNinja, RedNinja, GreenZombie and RedZombie. And that properties.Color is “Red” and proprties.Value is “Ninja”. Then you could be after all the RedNinja objects in the scene?

If so, then the way you had it the first time was almost correct. It’s just the subtring parameters that were incorrect. What part of the object name are you after? The first 9 characters? All the characters after the 10th position (remember it’s zero based index, meaning 0 is the first character, 1 the second etc)? Or something else?

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all the characters after the 8th position (0-based), when i tried to log the object name, it displayed nothing, so i guess something went wrong.

i found the problem, the instance of the cube doesnt exist, i thought that gdevelop worked like c3 for a second, sorry.