Soccer For Player- A easy and enjoyable soccer game

Soccer For Player

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Personally I play the game with this song-
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Listen to Lead the Way by Reem on #SoundCloud

Please read the game description. Feedback is always welcome.


I’m amazed at what you can do with GDevelop! Basically well done, but I think you could spice it up a bit. Soccer also lives from the atmosphere, i.e. sounds. In addition, the required keys X and Z are very far apart on my keyboard, not everyone has an English keyboard.

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Hi there. Nice to see your message because messages from the gamers or other developers keeps us (developers) motivated and make us improve our projects. Thank you.

Sorry, about the keyboard because I cannot help you with that. I have added Xbox 360 controller support which I have not tested since I don’t have a Xbox 360 controller.

I have planned to make a new separate version of this game which will have difficult gameplay and mobile support. It will also have sound.

Even I am amazed with GDevelop and I am sure I can spice it up with the new version of the game.

I can add you to contributors list for the new version because your reply helped me. As I said motivation is necessary for a project. You can message me any time on this forum account if you want your name to be added to the contributors list or discuss anything related to a GDevelop project. Thank you once again for your reply.

Anyone who gives feedback to this project will have a chance to be added to the contributors list which will be in the description of the project on Thank you.

Perhaps, instead of restarting the play by giving you the ball, you could add stuff like throw ins(or kick ins, for simplicity), or letting the enemy goalie play the ball instead of turning it to a dead ball and restarting?


Hi. First of all I played your game Emotional Damage: a rage game on and I am really impressed with your work. I just reached till the arrows part in the game. I cannot find the post for the game on this forum so I am posting my reply here.

Soccer for player is the first version which I am not updating.

I am making a separate version of the game which will include your feedback. I like your feedback.

If you want your name added to the contributors list for this current project (Soccer for player) you can message me on my account on this forum (this is for your permission and discuss anything related to GDevelop). Thank you for your valuable feedback and playing the game.

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There will be no separate version of the game. The feedback for the game has been implemented in the new version of the same game. The game is now updated on Mobile phone support has been added. Thank you for your support.