[SOLVE] Collide with variable not working

Hi, I`ve just figured out how to use dynamic access ( not related to this topic).

Now another problem.

  1. External Event: wheel (rectangle for now)
    If wheel angle is 10 : wheelID of wheel = 1. so on

2.External Event: if Debug(txt) collide with wheel with var wheelID =1 ; say 121

3.Not Happening. Problem here

  1. Debug shows that wheelID of the wheel is 1. No problem here

The results should be the text saying 121 just like in the picture (2)

Please state your problem clearly:

  • short phrase in the title of the message explaining the problem, for future readers
  • expected result and actual result in the body of the message.

Now, regarding your problem:
If an action doesn’t run:

  • remove conditions and try again. If the action works, add your conditions one by one and see which one causes the issue.

If the action doesn’t run without conditions:

  • check that the action is valid: double-click on the action, make sure the settings are correct.
  • check that there is not another action that might cancel it or take over. In your events, look for actions of the same type and/or actions using the same objects.
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Things I’d suggest:
Move the wheel is in collision with Debug away from At the beginning of the scene (make it occur every frame).
Is external event linked properly to the scene?
Does the final condition in picture 2 occur? Use another event such as change background color to test if it happens.

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yaa . it happens in beginning of scene… SOLVE

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