[SOLVED] 1st preview 5 sec. all following previews 40+ sec.

I’m sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum, because I am not sure if it can be called a bug.

When I start GDevelop (3.6.78, native platform), I load my project - these steps take on my pc around 20-25 seconds.
Then I start the preview, which takes 4-5 seconds.

If I end the preview and then want to preview again, it takes 40-45 seconds until I finally see it.
If instead I close GDevelop, open GDevelop, open my project and click preview, I am indeed faster than previewing the already loaded and once previewed project again.

Total time for the second preview of an already loaded and one time previewed project: 40-45 seconds
Total time for restarting GDevelop, loading project and then do the first preview after GDevelop start: 25-30 seconds.

My project currently uses roundabout 6200 sprites - maybe they aren’t fully destroyed when I end the first preview, so the long compiling of the 2nd and following previews happens because of low memory or something like that?

I think that the object are destroyed when the next preview is launched. But, you are speaking about 40-45 seconds, which is quite a lot.

Can you start GDIDE_dev.exe (from GDevelop’s folder) and tell us on which statement GDevelop freeze when reloading the preview ?

Here is a screenshot of the MS-Dos like window of GDIDE_dev.exe after loading my project, previewing it once and then right after preview again.

The last line “0x160b27f8” appeared very early during the 2nd preview starting process and nothing more was added, when the preview was running 40 seconds later.

Maybe destroying takes 7 times more time than creating the objects?

Some days later I found the simple workaround:

Closing the scene manually destroys the objects, so after reopening the scene, preview will just need the 5 seconds. :slight_smile: