[Solved] A preview of what the scene will look like before applying the background colour

Each time I change the scene’s background colour, I need to apply it before I can see how it looks. Its fine when you’re just changing scene’s background colour once or twice but its a pain in the arse when you have to do that many times. Like today, I had to change the background colour a lot of times to see which colour blends well. That was pain. So I would like a feature to be added that lets us preview how it will look with that background colour so we don’t have to click on apply everytime we want to see how it will look.
If you got what I said :).

I don’t know… maybe tri to aplicate simultani more backgrounds and see what are the best!

You can acheive that by opening the layer editor, and changing the colour of the background layer. No need to click apply. You select the colour and it changes.

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