[Solved] A Simple Smartphone Joystick Example mobile

Hello! I’ve created a simple joystick project for smartphones. The purpose of creating this project is to help the community in dealing with smartphone controls. Everyone is free to use, modify, and improve the example project :smile: and of course, its still not in a great shape, but with further improvements, it would be awesome :smiley:.

Example #1


Example #2


(The Gif example above was previewed in an Android 6.0 Phone)

Download link

I hope this helps :smile:


Great! and eventsheet are clean!
Maybe we can make your example a real starter example included in GD if you allow us :slight_smile:


Thank you so much :smiley: , Yes, I allow it :smile:, it’s a great honour to have an example be included in Gd :wink:

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This is very good its exactly what im looking for. Excellent job.

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