[SOLVED] Access to animation frames


I’m looking - but not finding - for a way to check for current frame, increment the frame after a certain time has elapsed, and repeat until a max value of frame is reached.

Example scenario:

Testing the software by remaking Manic Miner (my go to test).

Need collapsing platform so something like…

Every second object on platform and plaform.animation.frame < 8
Increment plaform.animation.frame

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Platform.frame = platform.Sprite()
Platform.frame < 8
Platform.frame + 1

Click on Add condition or Add action, write “frame” in the search box and you will find the related actions and conditions.
You can also search “timer” to deal with time.

Using GDevelop5 and tried searching as you suggested and found nothing.

The I changed back to traditional editor rather than new version and it worked.


Anywho, cheers.