[Solved] Add a force (angle) from GD4 to GD5

I was trying to convert an old project made in GD4 using GD5.
The old one had a ball launched with an event of “Add a force (angle)” that lets the ball make a parabolic curve, touch the ground a stop after a short deceleration (given by the old parameter “Damping”).
As you can see from the attachment, if you open a gd4 file in gd5, the damping parameter is present with the name “force multiplier”, but the help text tells its a deprecated parameter and suggest to use “instant”.
The problem is “instant” can’t decelerate. Actually the ball goes endlessly.
Am I using these new parameters in the wrong way?

Are you using any conditions? If you don’t use a condition to this action the ball will go endlessly anyway.

Yes I tried with a condition like “ball is moving” and it stops but brusquely, and not smoothly like gd4 with damping. So you have a very bad looking effect. Very unnatural.
The strange thing is that “instant” parameter, as suggest in the help text, must be used without condition or a condition with short time validation.

I don’t know why, but this setting is deprecated indeed.
What you should do is use the instant force with a speed variable and modify the speed variable as you want to handle the slowdown.

Thank you Gruk,
the way you told me works very well. The ball decelerates smoothly using a variable decreased with a timedelta().
But now there’s a new problem. The ball once it stops, disappears!
It’s an endless pain… :tired_face:

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SOLVED- The problem of disappearing was my fault. I added one other condition to make the ball a decreasing bouncing till it’s stopped.
From the
condition: ball touch the floor ----> action: simulate jump press
----> action: change jump speed to 9000*TimeDelta()
The jump speed went negative and something went wrong make the ball disappear.
So I added a new condition below “touch the floor”: jump speed of ball > 0.
Now everything seems perfect.