[SOLVED] Animation dont work for me. Change animation

Hi , i am new here.

Picture above show 2 floor plat. Which suppose to turn different color when you stand on them.
( red to blue and blue to red ) but what happen is , only blue turn to red . and then both become red and cannot become blue.
can you guys try this and tell me what happen

What happens is before displaying each frame (updated image) the entire event sheet is executed. So between two image update, your code is executed. The engine can only execute one thing at a time, so each instruction is done in the order from top to bottom and left to right, like a book. Now if you read the code like this you will understand. First, if it is red, make it blue. After having done this, and the image still didn’t update as the entière event sheet wasn’t executed, it checks if it is blue. If it was red, it has been made blue. So now it is blue, and now the check is true, so it will be made red again. Then the image is updated, that is why you don’t see the image’s animation updating, and why it always stay red.

How to loop this then
How do solve this

Add at the beginning of the event sheet do = 0 to scene variable “switch”, an action set variable switch to 1 in the 1st event and a condition if variable switch = 0 in the second event

i use 2 sprite and 2 variable. and why would previous one i did , did not executed like this. i understand you said it didnt executed as animation. or perhaps i still confused XD. i learn python.
you may explain it in python if you want XD

its working btw …