[Solved] Animations help

I need help with three of my animations that only play one frame. Its the c and x button, and the idle animation, which is number 0, on the bottom. I am not sure what or how this happened since I turned on loop for all the animations that I need.

It’s the same problem as this post:

Your conditions launch animations, and as two conditions are true and they launch each one an animation then the images remain blocked because the game engine tries to display both animations in same time.

Sorry about that, I should’ve checked if there was a similar post before I posted. I got it, thanks.
I have a question, does the order of conditions have an effect?

Yes and between both similar condition the last in eventsheet will be apply.
In this example the Right key will be simulate.
Left will be cancel, because Right key have same condition and Right action come after.

Ok I understand. Thank you for the help

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