[Solved] APK file is not generating

How may I get an APK file. It generated a zip file but I need apk file so how may I get?Please help me out.

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Rename the extension of your file.
Replace .zip by .apk
Your explorer / finder have use a type by default know on your computer.

Thanks Bouh.How can I remove logo of gdevelop?

Hi @Marvel, you have to get a subscription in order to remove the logo.
More info here, My profile [GDevelop wiki]

Thanks Stoicorum.When I download file for instant facebook games what would be the extension for publishing on facebook?

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There is no extension I think, you just upload the .zip file in the developer page of facebook, more info here, http://wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gdevelop5/publishing/publishing-to-facebook-instant-games

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What should be the privacy policy url for my game?

I am afraid Diana.I don’t know french :confused: