[Solved] Are game builds uploaded private?

Hi! When users upload games to the server for builds, are the games secure? Thanks!

Define secure. If you mean your game source code, yes, the server receives the same files as a manual build outputs, and as you might have noticed if you made one, the game is transformed into code. Only your images are directly accessible by the server and could be stealed if the server ever got compromised. That is rather unlikely though, as it runs on the same servers as amazon, since the infrastructure is hosted by AWS.

If you mean wether your build are only accessible by you, I am not sure if you need to be connected to your GDevelop account to download it. What I do know though is that the links are not indexed and therefore unless someone knows the link they cannot find it since it won’t be findable on Google or GDevelops website or wherever you can think about. And to access the link you need to be logged into your account.

Great, thanks for the detailed response.