[Solved] Asteroids movement

Hi there, I wanted to make a racing game and tried using forces, I couldn’t do it so I searched around and found that I was trying exactly the same as Wesley does in this tutorial (the first of all events) but it doesn’t work, as soon as I press w my car flies away spinning like crazy, why is that?

There’s many people with the same problem in the comments but couldn’t find a solution that worked, here’s my game:

Hi, maybe someone knows already what the problem is just by looking at your game, but to increase the number of people who could help you it may be better to post your events.

If it’s spinning, then it’s an indication you either haven’t moved the origin of the player object to the centre, or the X & Y points haven’t been specified - double click the action, and set it like:

If it still moves too fast, reduce the force value; 0.5 worked. I’m not sure why the value in the video is causing trouble.


Yes, I didn’t set them, that was it, thank you so much! =)