[SOLVED] Automatic scene adapting

There is a way to auto adapt all the scene objects to the device screen?

Use the anchor behavior.


I think it is a little bit harder to use. There is an online guide? And also an alternative?

Hi, here you go:

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Ok, what did you think of the AllingObject extension? He makes the same work?

I have not a lot of experience with the AlignObject extension, but as far as I understand it, it does something similar/the same as the anchor behavior. I’d suggest you just try both of them and see which gives the results you want.

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Thank you i will give it a try

How can i use it? There is a tutorial?

Hi, you install it by going to Project manager (in the upper left corner), after clicking, there is a tab Functions/Behaviors. There you can click ‘Search for new extensions’. After searching and installing the AlignObject extension, you can set the position of your objects in the event sheet.
As a condition you could set ‘At the beginning of the scene’ and in the action you go to Add action -->Other Actions → Align object on the screen. There you can choose where the object should be aligned (e.g. ‘Align object to bottom of the scene’) and which object it should be.

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Is it possible to keep the object in the place i putted it?

Hi, yes. If you are not doing anything with these objects, they will stay there. If the objects are for the UI they are usually put on their own layer. If you check the gdevelop examples and starters https://gdevelop-app.com/game-examples-starters/, you will find plenty of examples how to do that.
The tutorials in the gdevelop wiki are also quite good. Here is the UI part for the platformer: Platformer Tutorial, Part 5: Add Collectible Coins to the Game [GDevelop wiki] and here for the space shooter: 9. User Interface (UI) [GDevelop wiki] .

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Ok thank you i think i have solved with this

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