[Solved] Back and forth PlatformerObject movement?

I’m trying to get a player character to move horizontally, and change direction when it hits a platform. I’ve added PlatformerObject behaviour to it, so I can utilise the jump control.

However, when the player hits a platform, it starts to flip the sprite very rapidly, and it moves very slowly in the opposite direction to what it was going. If I press the jump button, it breaks the fast image flipping behaviour.

Any idea on how to make the player object turn round and move in the opposite direction to what it was going? My current ‘code’ is:

You have no restrictions in your condition around “Player is not moving” Meaning it’s going to activate every frame it is true. Add a Trigger Once to your last condition and see if it helps.

Bingo! That sorted it out.

I thought that once I changed the direct and simulated a keypress in the next frame, that the ‘Is moving’ flag would have been set. But i guess I was wrong, and maybe the platform behaviour updates are less frequent than the game frame rate.

Thanks for helping.