[Solved]Behaviors conflict I think, how can I fix it?

well hello everyone!, Im trying to make a trasition effects with 5 buttons, but when I dont have any interaction with them the transitions works fine as you can see
Captura de Tela (65)

Captura de Tela (66)

but when I have a interaction with them the transition just dont work, the button that I have interaction with stays on the same place, and some times start to work back and some times dont, it looks totally random when its starts to work fine again
Captura de Tela (67)

Captura de Tela (68)

I thinck its a bug with the behaviors, but a really dont know what whats is happining,
here is the behaviors and the code that makes the transition (sorry for eny english errors or if this is a repost)

You can try tweening the camera Y instead.

I want to only move the button , because I want the buttons to leave the screen and come back, I think moving the camera will be weird, but I can give a try

here is a screen-shot of the full game and what Im trying to do, and o forget to say it but other buttons will appear on the place of this ones that are moving

The scale tween action used by the extension changes the position to keep the object centered. So, you should probably put the sprite origin at the center to avoid the 2 tweens to fight one another to set Y and have your Y conditions working.

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now it works fine thx a lot!