[Solved] Bug in filename don't work well the collision

Good morning,
I’ve been trying to solve this problem for days, and I thought I had succeeded, but now, it’s back again… It had never happened to me with Gdevelop 5 beta88… And, the strange thing, this problem also started from a day to day, and I don’t know what to do…

This is one of the objects that give me collision problems (I state that others work correctly)

This is the collision mask of the character

This is the collision mask of the object

Here instead there is the screen of where the collision actually takes place…


I thought it was a bug because I was unable to find a solution, and it also showed up in another project…Available for further clarification :slight_smile:

This collision mask is not convex, it should show an error.


Sorry but I didn’t understand, in what sense is it not convex? you mean the character?

If it’s not a bug, how can I move the conversation to another session?

Yes, the character’s hitbox. Look at the coordinates of the hitbox, in the same window.

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I understand, and how can I solve the problem?

Move the points around until the shape is convex.
This is wrong:

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I did as you said, but the problem persists

Animation sprite exist on case or your hero ?
Because hitbox is set only for one image on your screen shoot.
Look two switchs in hitbox editor.

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it is an animation consisting of 19 sprites, all with a custom collision mask, so I have not selected the two switchs
(if that’s what you mean :slight_smile: )

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@Bouh @Gruk I can’t understand what it can be, the collision events are positioned in “external events”, and from there linked to the scene, could this be the problem?

hi, its maybe because you change the animation to 1, and the number its 0 ! maybe its the frame you want to change…

Hi, thanks for the reply, but the animation works the way you want, when the collision is detected it must change to 1 :slight_smile:

i am not so experienced to help you ! but i think maybe the problem is you need
trigger once the collision, because timer reset every time i think ! try separate event more logical, look if its not a layer zoom the problem, or if the animation 1 have good collision mask

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External events is not the problem.
Did you make sure ALL your hitboxes are convex?
Did you check that ALL your images for the object are the exact same size?

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“trigger once” _ "reset the timer ", because if that reset every time, your timer can’t be to 0,3 , and action of “delete Thief” and “change to scene game over”, can’t work ! sorry if that don’t resolve your problem… i have try… good luck :wink:

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Yes, I did both, I also closed and reopened Gdevelop, but nothing, the problem persists … It can be said that I am despairing :frowning_face:

Thank you because you are trying to help me, there is no need to apologize :slight_smile:
But the problem is not this, as the change of scene follows my rules :slight_smile:

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Check all that for the second object too.
Also, on these objects, do you have a hitbox that was left as default?

And check all your events, because errors can sometimes be quite unrelated to the visible bug.

You say you were able to reproduce this in a dummy project? If so, feel free to share it.


okay, i hope you will find… i have never see that lol

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I created a new project with only the character, and the object that gives the error, and the error is there again, now I am attaching it :slight_smile: