[Solved] Build a server that works with Gdvelop

Hello I am developing, a Gdevelop distribution I have a question How to build a server to build the games. I change the billing system.?

Could you please elaborate?

I am developing a distribution for GDevelop, I need to change the payment and account system. start typing the codes?

and also i want to change games export system and change the original URL.

Not sure what you mean, sorry. “A GDevelop distribution” doesn’t really mean anything. If you want to replace the GDevelop services, you will have to make a fork of GDevelop, and recreate the services by yourself.
The GDevelop services (build server, analytics, etc) are actually closed source as they could otherwise hackers could find ways to exploit it, and we don’t have infinite money for the servers hosting those, and that budget might go away entirely if someone exploits the services.


Sounds like he wants to sell DG

Not selling itself, just rebuild the GDevelop Building which is a wonderful tool. (If the text seems to be confusing why am I using Google translator)

What do you want to make different?
Is there any advantage to use your build service over the existing one?

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it doesn’t have a lot of advantages besides having to spend on servers. it is an adventure to study the Program Structure and know how to deal with it better. to Contribute to GDevelop. :slight_smile:

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