[SOLVED] "Bullets per Shot" Action for Fire Bullets Behavior Doesn't Work

I’m trying to increase the amount of bullets my sprite can fire at a time, but it doesn’t work, no matter what I do, when I change the number in the behavior it works, but not when it’s changed during the gameplay, please help me figure out what’s going on.

I found out what’s going on, but I still need help, it’s delayed so it doesn’t activate until a couple seconds after you upgrade… Why is it delayed?

I tested it on my phone and it worked instantly. Can you post the events that change the setting? My only guess is the # of bullets setting might not be changing immediately. Maybe there’s a condition that’s preventing the change until met.

I tried doing just an action that changes the bullets shot, but it doesn’t work, I know it’s the right sprite, it has the behavior, and the bullets aren’t being stacked, either.

Unless we’re talking about different things, the bullets per shot works for me. Humor me. Post a screenshot of your fire events and to rule out the behavior settings please share them as well.

Here it is with a slider. I didn’t change any other settings.


try it yourself:


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I found the mistake, it was using an improper number to change the amount of bullets it shot.

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