[Solved] Burning or poisoned damage

Hello! How can you do long-term damage - for example, burning or poisoning for some time? On the forum I found only an unresolved topic of 2016. I tried to do it through a timer or regeneration, but it doesn’t work out well.

Can you post a link to the previous thread, and screen shot the events of your attempt?

Create an object boolean called “burning.”
Set it to true when status effect applied.

Create another event.
Boolean “burning” is true
Repeat timer “burning” x times

Minus number from object variable “Health.” Another action would be to wait for however many seconds and then toggle boolean to false.

Does this make sense or inspire? I think booleans are best for conditions.

Thanks for the advice. It doesn’t work very well with a boolean variable, but it worked out well with an object variable.

That last action of the last event resets scene timer poison. It should be an object timer.

Thanks, I didn’t notice that the timers are different. Changed it to object. And another question - how can I mark that my issue is resolved? This has been suggested on other forums.

There’s a pencil icon beside the title at the top of the page of the thread. Click that and you can edit the title. I’ve updated the title in this case though.