(Solved) Can i use code from sample levels?

Hi, so i basically need a countdown timer in my game and there is a sample level just for that, can i copy the code from that and then use it for my game? Also
Can i make dlc or make my game paid if i copy that code?

Hi, here is the answer to your question:

If the sample you mentioned is under the MIT licence you can use it freely in commercial products.

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Is there anyway i can see if that countdown timer has that MIT license? I didn’t really understand the reply on the post you sent me. Thanks!

It says that all examples and starters that come with the engine are under the MIT licence. It might be possible though that some assets (sprites, sounds etc.) that were used for making an example project have a different licence. In this case there should be a folder ‘licence’ that includes specific information. Since you are interested in the events, there is no restriction to use them in your own project whether commercial or not.

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Ok, thank you very much, is it the same with behaviours? (For example the fire bullet behaviour)

As far as I understand it this includes also the extensions GDevelop-extensions/LICENSE at main · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-extensions · GitHub