[SOLVED] Can you display 2.00 instead of 2 when printing something to text object?

In short of it goes for decimals and for displaying minutes of time i bet same goes for seconds


On the left it displays current zoom level
It should be 0,20 but it is 0,2
IF i go to 2,00 it will display just 2
On the right you have time and as you see instead of 11:00 it displays 11: 0
Same will happen if it will be 11:04 it will display 11: 4

"Zoom Q/E - " + SubStr(ToString(GlobalVariable(SaveStuff.ZoomLVL)),0,4)
I use this to print zoom variable and substr ,0,4 determine how many digits to display
But again if number is full for example 2.00 it will display just 2
And 0 is cut out

I know i can cheat my way trough it with
Zoom variable = 2

"Zoom Q/E - " + SubStr(ToString(GlobalVariable(SaveStuff.ZoomLVL)),0,4) + “.00”
And that will add that 2 extra 0

But is there way to force it to display it via expression? Maybe i am doing something wrong?
Or am i doom to add event for each possible full digit?

For time it isn’t so bad so far i cheat my way trough it with this

And it works


You need that 1st event there to display time properly when it is not 1 digit but 2
2nd event is for hour
3rd is for minutes

If you are always wanting 2 decimal places, the extended math support extension includes the “tofixedstring” expression which converts the number to text and to whatever decimal place you want.


Damn that is just perfect
Bless you Silver

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