[Solved] Change attack combo animation if key pressed and timer is less or more than?

hello I have a fast attack combo that has 5 separate attack animations that play one after the other each time the x key is pressed. I have another attack combo that has 3 separate attack animations that are slow that play when x key pressed. I want to use a timer to change the combo fast or slow depending on timing of x key is pressed for example key is pressed and timer is less than 0.2 sec play only animations of fast comb and if x key pressed and timer is more than 0.2 sec play only attacks of slow combo but not sure how do that with the events?

fast combo events

slow combo

Hi, you could try the approach below. The time between keypress and key-release is stored in a variable and based on that value, one of two sprites rotates. I use TimeDelta here but using the value of a timer should work as well.

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EDIT OK thanks I sorted it out it’s working now :slight_smile: thanks for help

working events

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I have a question how do I have fast animation play again only after the animation has finished?

You mean at the moment the fast animation is not repeating after pressing the x key again?

the problem is fast animation plays over itself when the x key pressed before the animation has finished. I want it to only play again after the animation has finished?

I got it working here

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