(Solved) Change background in relation to variable

How do I…

I’m trying to get the background to change in relation to the TotalCookiesGained variable.
For instance, “The number of scene variable TotalCookiesGained > 2000”.

What is the expected result

The background will change according to the aforementioned variable.

What is the actual result

I’ve tried using the Hide/Show functionality but when I hit the variable the screen goes grey and does not show the background in question.
Thinking I might need to try something related to modifying the Z-order.

Related screenshots

Thanks for taking a look and any advice or comments you have on the matter.:parrot:

Hi, based on the event your background 01a should show when the variable is equal or bigger than 200. The z-order shouldn’t be the problem, since this is - well - the background and it should appear on the lowest position anyway. If one object is hidden it cannot obstruct a visible object.

Are both backgrounds in the scene at the same position and is your background 01a of the same size as backround 01?

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Thanks for replying! After I read your reply, I realized that I hadn’t set down background01a in the scene yet. Corrected that and assigned an appropriate z-order and it works now.

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