[Solved] Change the Height to top, in the top direction

Hi everyone
I have a rectangle that I want every second to increase in height by 20,
but the problem is that the height increases to the bottom and I want it to increase to the top
can you help me please

Maybe change the y position to -2

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Thanks, but I want the height of the rectangle change too, not the position
for example
500 - 550 - 600 -650… but in the top direction

I mean along with changing the height like you always do

+20 height and -20 y position = increase to the top

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Change the height to + 1 and y position to - 2 and this will give an illusion like thing

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thank you so much Mixen and Jack , it’s worked well
the solution : +20 height and -20 y position

thank you so much Mixen

thank you so much Jack , it is worked very well