-solved- Changing controls

I want to change the controls so 2 people can play (one with awsd an the other with arrows),
I have tried it already, but I don’t understand and obviusly doesn’t result.

The link you’ve provided is for player to change keys via a menu option. What you appear to be asking is to set the player’s keys, rather than let them set it,

Assuming you want the latter, are both players are using a behaviour to control them? If so turn off default controls for one of them, and create events to test the a, w, s & d key presses and then simulate the left, up right and down keypresses as the actions for a particular player.

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No, they are not using a behavior (except fire bullet).

Can you screen shot what you’ve already tried. Then we have something to help with.

Wait, the thing you said already worked, so thanks.